Tower Production  and  Recording           

                  Artist Demos
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Rock Pop
 Sleepy Lion - MagicMagic

 Over Your Heart - Magic Magic
 Washington or Bust - Magic Magic
 Time Will Tell- Amy Rome
 Life of Leisure - Kristen Carelle
 You are My Breath - Diane Marie
 Hey Joe -Jack Leo
 Desert March- Barry Irwin

Jazz and Blues Vocal
 Snowflakes - Rebecca Paris  I Slipped and Fell In Love- DD Martin  I'll Be seeing You -  DD Martin   Boston- Kristen Carelle

 You Set It Up Girl- Nate Aronow 
 Bikin The Bike - Nate Aronow Nextet  Turn Me On - Kristen Carelle

Jazz and Blues 
 Slinky - Craig Hlady
 Xpression - Nate Aronow nextet
 6:04 pm -Craig Hlady 
 Peasant Dance -Matt Gordy
 Camouflage- Matt Gordy
 Beautiful Silence - Norbert Kael
 Desifinado - Curt Shumate Trio
 Busamo Mucho - Joe Morocco

 I Wanna Love You - Diane Marie
 Things are Lookin Too Up- Diane Marie 
 Baby It was You- Steel Orchid
 I Wanna love You- Steel Orchid 

 Marquis of Villasierra - Roy Lobb
 Tokyo in May -Shinichi Otsu
 Cuenca - Roy Lobb
 Leap to the East- Shinichi Otsu
 Solo Piano - Dave Ramsay
 No One Time - Denise Randall

Singer Songwriter
 Fragile - DeAnna Moore
 Before You went Away- Eli Teplan
 I Bet It All On You - Diane Marie
 Impending Breakdown-Nina 
 I Talked to a Nun - Grayson Hughs
 Addicted - Gracie Coates
 Wareham - Grayson Hughs

                Tower Productions
           Instrumental Music for Film, TV, Web and multimedia 

 Groovy GaGa  -  Dance
 I Never Knew - Smooth Jazz
 Sunrise -Orchestral
 Western Ride - Orchestral
 Acoustic Trance - Acoustic Guitar New age
 The Enchanted Forest - New Age Jazz
 Be Open - Acoustic Guitar
 Bar Room Blues- Blues shuffle
 Louisiana Strut - New Orleans blues 
 Country  Mojo - Country
 Two by One - Fusion

The Awakening- Animated film by Zennor Alexander 
Music by Craig Hlady